EBC Kupplungsfedern (4 PCS) CSK155 CSK155

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EBC Kupplungsfedern (4 PCS) CSK155 CSK155

EBC Kupplungsfedern (4 PCS)Spring
  • These are spiral wound springs using 4- 8 pieces per set made from heat treated high carbon steel and come in various shapes
  • and sizes delivering differing spring tensions depending on the size of the bike and the horsepower of your engine.
  • It is important to note that you cannot change the basic shape of these springs to gain any performance advantage
  • but what you CAN do is buy a EBC Brakes CSK kit which have slightly ticker winding material and deliver 10-15% more clamp pressure.
  • This can help reduce clutch slip or fast clutch wear on your machine.
  • All springs get tired and should be replaced at every engine rebuild or clutch overhaul.
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